A podcast at the intersection of humans, brain science, and technology. Your hosts Guthrie and Dr. Susan Weinschenk explore how behavioral and brain science affects our technologies and how technologies affect our brains.

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Episode #122: Metaverse Thoughts Part 4 (Not Terrible Internet)

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Episode #120: Metaverse Thoughts Part 3 (Trust)

Episode #119: UX Strategy

Episode #118: Metaverse Thoughts Part 2

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Episode #116: Context and Environments in UX Design

Episode #115: Visual Thinking

Episode #114: Shop Talk

Episode #113: Caroline Jarrett Visits the Show

Episode #112: Nathan Shedroff Visits the Show

Episode #111: The 4 Influencers on Corporate Ethics

Episode #110: Russ Branaghan Visits The Show

Episode #109: Humans Calculate By Feel

Episode #108: Sydney Anh Mai Visits The Show

Episode #107: The Knowledge Illusion: Why We Never Think Alone

Episode #105: Dean Barker Visits The Show

Episode #104: Update and Working Remotely

Episode #103: Stephen Anderson and Karl Fast Visit The Show

Episode #102: Amy Bucher Visits The Show

Episode #101: Remote User Research

Episode 100! Audio AI/Deeplearning and Covid

Episode #099: Grant Crowell Visits The Show

Episode #098: Dana Chisnell Visits The Show

Episode #097: Elaine Kasket Visits The Show

Episode #096: Cheenu Chari Visits The Show

Episode #095: Writing is Designing

Episode #094: Future of Social Networks

Episode #093: Steve Field Visits The Show

Episode #092: Dr. Phillip Alvelda Visits The Show

Episode #091: I Love You, Now Read This Book

Episode #090: UX Strategy

Episode #089: Kristen Gallagher Visits The Show

Episode #088: Danielle Cooley Visits The Show

Episode #087: Elizabeth Rosenzweig Visits The Show

Episode #085: David Travis Visits The Show

Episode #084: How To Present Research To Stakeholders

Episode #083: Journey Maps

Episode #082: Rewards and Anti-Rewards

Episode #081: Objects and Views

Episode #080: Chatbots

Episode #079: The Return of Moore's Law

Episode #078: The ROI of User Research

Episode #077: Ylva Ostby Visits The Show To Talk About... What Again? Oh Right! Memory.

Episode #076: Pamela Pavliscak Visits The Show To Talk About Emotional Design

Episode #075: How To Induce Compliance

Episode #074: Kevin M. Hoffman Visits The Podcast

Episode #073: Eric Olive Visits The Podcast

Episode #072: All About Multitasking

Episode #071: Johan Berndtsson Visits The Show

Episode #070: Cultures of Trust

Episode #069: Nick Fine Visits The Show

Episode #068: Amii LaPointe Visits The Show

Episode #067: Conferences We Have Been To

Episode #066: Alfonso de la Nuez Visits The Show

Episode #065: Steve Fleming-Prot Visits The Show

Episode #064: Helle Martens Visits The Show

Episode #063: Lou Rosenfeld Visits The Show

Episode #062: Janus Boye Visits The Show

Episode #061: Roger Dooley Visits The Show

Episode #060: Scenarios

Episode #059: News Of The Week And Defensive Design

Episode #058: Quick Takes On The EA Behavioral Psychology "Scandal"

Episode #057: Flashbulb Memories, They Stick With You

Episode #056: What Are Mental Models?

Episode #055: Qooobo The Headless Cat Comes To Our Dreams (Nightmares)

Episode #054: Mona Patel Visits the Podcast (aka the Skunkcast)

Episode #053: Forms (And Apple)

Episode #052: Commitment

Episode #051: Heuristics Breakdown

Episode #050: Personas, What Are They?

Episode #049: Demian Borba From Adobe XD Visits The Podcast

Episode #048: The ROI of UX

Episode #047: Vision

Episode #046: The Future of Retail

Episode #045: Spencer Gerrol Visits The Podcast
Spencer Gerrol talks EEG.

Episode #044: A Framework For Behavioral Science Ethics
We talk about a methodology to create a framework to determine ethical lines for Behavioral Science.

Episode #043: Different UX Methodologies
We explore the wild world of UX Methodologies.

Episode #042: Gamification
What's wrong with gamification?

Episode #041: We Talk About The Habit Summit
Cool things we saw at the Habit Summit.

Episode #040: James Chudley Joins The Podcast
James Chudley joins the podcast.

Episode #039: User Testing
All About User Testing.

Episode #038: Memory
Memories... all aloonneee in the moooonlighttt...

Episode #037: Save Time By Rating Your Projects A- or A+
We explain our brilliant idea to save time and money!

Episode #036: What Is Behavioral Science?
Why is it cool?

Episode #035: Automation is Cool and Scary
We are talking about automation today.

Episode #034: Blay Whitby Visits The Show
Blay is an expert on the ethics of technology.

Episode #033: Progressive Disclosure and Clickbait
We're talking about what Progressive Disclosure is. Guthrie gets confused, but then figures out the difference between it and clickbait.

Episode #032: Videos
Have you checked out Facebook Live?

Episode #031: The Buying Brain
Why we buy!

Episode #030: Smartphones
We talk about smartphones.

Episode #029: The Science of Listening
What does it mean to listen?

Episode #028: Schooling and Education Part 2
Part 2 of our ongoing series on education.

Episode #027: Technology Curves
What are technology curves? We'll tell you!

Episode #026: We Welcome Patricia Moore To Human Tech
We have a great conversation with Patricia Moore.

Episode #025: High School
What type of schooling works best?

Episode #024: We Welcome Abby Covert To Human Tech
We welcome Abby Covert to Human Tech.

Episode #023: We Welcome Tim Wilson To Human Tech
We welcome Tim Wilson to Human Tech.

Episode #022: The Behavioral Science of Elections
We're talking the science of politics.

Episode #021: The Science of Vacations
Why do we like vacations?

Episode #020: A Wonderful Podcast With Nathalie Nahai
A fun hour of ethics and persuasion with Nathalie Nahai.

Episode #019: Technology For People Who Are Aging
We brought a lot research about the elderly to the show today.

Episode #018: Reading
Man, reading is weird.

Episode #017: Brexitpalooza
Brexit and what this means for tech and globalization.

Episode #016: Hack Your Brain Part 2
Brain Hacks Part 2, but we kinda got a little sidetracked.

Episode #015: Hack Your Brain Part 1
We talk about some general tips about how to hack your brain, and what it means.

Episode #014: The Science of Decision Making
Why do we make the decisions that we do?

Episode #013: Hysterical Historical Revue of Human Computer Interaction
Susan takes us deep on the history of the field and the early days of computers.

Episode #012: The Need To Belong
We talk about the huge effect the Need To Belong has on humans.

Episode #011: Oxytocin
We explore the wonders of Oxytocin; the bonding chemical!

Episode #010: Nir Eyal Visits The Show
Nir Eyal visits the show and we talk about persuasion.

Episode #009: Stockholm Sweden
We talk about our fun times in Sweden at Business To Buttons 2016.

Episode #003: Driverless Cars
We were busy in Stockholm, so here's an older show on driverless cars.

Episode #008: Paul Zak Visits The Show
We sit down with the famous and wonderful Paul Zak to talk Human Tech.

Episode #007: The Transience of Snapchat
Question: Is transience the next hot thing?

Episode #006: All About Stories
We talk about stories and why they are so awesome.

Episode #005: Internet of Things! First Episode!
We talk about the Internet of Things, the future, and welcome everyone to the Human Tech.

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